Paving the Way for Clean Mobility
4 September 2023
Bayerischer Hof Hotel, Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 Munich


The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport will host the first E-Fuels Conference on 4
September 2023. Federal Minister Dr Volker Wissing has invited representatives from
government, international organizations, associations, industry and academia from over 80
countries to discuss how the market ramp-up of e-fuels can be shaped.

The aim is to create a common knowledge base by establishing an international network of
policymakers, industry and the scientific community and to work out synergies for an
accelerated market ramp-up of e-fuels.

The conference will be officially opened in the late morning, after a round table meeting of
the political representatives in the early morning. Contributions from all stakeholders will shed
light on market potential, production challenges and incentives for the production and use of
e-fuels from different perspectives. A comprehensive picture of the future use of e-fuels will
be developed in three discussion rounds:

  • Discussion Round 1: Manufacturers of transport equipment and users will share their
    views on market potential and their strategic direction for the future use of e-fuels.
  • Discussion Round 2: Producers and the scientific community will provide insights into
    the opportunities and challenges of e-fuels production.
  • Discussion Round 3: Representatives from the finance sector, industry and associations
    will discuss the necessary subsidies and incentives for the effective scaling of e-fuels

During the lunch break, the focus will be on bilateral meetings and networking.